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    I can’t tell you how many couples ask me for suggestions on what music to play for their ceremony. Is it the job of the wedding dj to pick these songs out? The ceremony is the shortest part of the wedding but probably the only part you will definitely remember since no one has started drinking yet. Even if you don’t drink it’s the early part of the wedding when all you are thinking about is whether or not you are going to start crying and if your makeup will stay in one piece. So that brings me back to the music selection, how sentimental should you make it? If the music is too sweet will it definitely make the bride cry? What if the bride and groom want a live instrumentalist instead of a DJ? Which is cheaper? An instrumentalist will probably be a little more expensive but if it’s just one guitarist or harpist it will probably only be more expensive by a couple of hundred dollars.
    Speaking of sappy love songs, no one said you have to pick a slow song either. Feel free to pick something up beat. It’s your special day and you want to walk down the aisle to something that makes you feel great! One couple I know walked down to the White Stripes “Everlasting Love” for their recessional. That’s the end of the ceremony after you say “I do”. I personally think that would be a clever song to walk down the aisle to as well.
    So the bottom line is pick something that make YOU feel good and true to who you and your partner are. There is no right or wrong when picking out ceremony music. When it comes to weddings there is no such thing as traditional anymore. Just ask your wedding DJ to tell you stories about the most untraditional weddings they have DJ’d.
    If you decide to go with a DJ here is a playlist with some pretty ceremony songs for you: https://open.spotify.com/user/129849277/playlist/4eenTWYeKaJz46OB6vOyXs?si=D3D3Bp6WQ5mzVaRgLqrDcg

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