Spanish Speaking Wedding DJ

Female Latina DJs

Female DJ’s are still considered a novelty.  So how does somebody find a good female DJ who also speaks Spanish?

Latin music has hit the charts like it never has before.  For example, anyone who grew up in the 70’s remembers the Salsa revolution. Fania records released hit after hit by artists such as Hector Lavoe, Celia Cruz and Ruben Blades.  But now almost 50 years later the latin sound has hit the mainstream like never before.  

Reggaeton hit the scene in the early 2000’s. Firstly, it sounded reminiscent of early rap music except in Spanish over a new type of dance beat.  Secondly, it was a bit raw sounding and very danceable if the monotony of this new skip beat didn’t drive you crazy.  Now, almost 20 years later reggaeton has come a long way. For example there are pop vocals and melody lines.  Artists such as  Cardi B, Rosalia, J. Balvin and Bad Bunny are collaborating on countless hits.  Even Beyonce jumped on the band wagon with her feature on “Mi Gente” with Willy William and J. Balvin. 

In short,  latin couples may or may not like reggaeton but one thing is for sure; their guests will most likely be requesting it on their wedding day.  Since latin top 40 is now mainstream it isn’t just a latin thing anymore.  Subsequently what used to only be played on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico is literally everywhere now

Finally, one of our DJ’s recently DJ’d a Korean wedding at Battery Gardens. Bad Bunny was the most requested artist of the night! So you see, it’s really become a wedding thing, not just a latin thing!  


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