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TCM DJ Events provides the best wedding DJ for your reception.  Our DJs have real nightlife club experience that carry through into wedding receptions, corporate and private events. We believe in creating a dance floor experience that will keep your guests moving all night.  TCM guarantees that their clients are happy by providing you with music playlist forms prior to your event.  TCM gives you plenty of time to discuss your vision for the evening with your DJ.  Our DJs are then able to gauge your vibe and are able to provide additional music from our 50,000 + musical library.

TCM provides a state of the art sound systems that can be set up in multiple locations. TCM DJs provide a wireless mic and stand for ceremony/toasts + MC services.  All of our equipment is in new working condition.  This allows the sound quality generated by our speakers to be  matched with a clean aesthetic look.  We create a professional sounding experience while preserving the beautiful look of your venue.  TCM realizes that aesthetics are just as important as sound quality when it comes to your special day. Whether it be your wedding, birthday party or any other private event.  Our price quote includes travel time and set up and breakdown time so there are no hidden fees. 

TCM DJs are all insured and we can provide a certificate of liability insurance to any venue.  TCM assures all of our clients that they will be provided with another DJ if the original DJ is unable to attend your event.  Our simple and easy to read contracts include this back up clause. All of our DJs come with over 10 years of experience and our music playlist forms assure that you will hear the music you want to hear on your special day. 




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